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Section 508 ICT Testing Baseline

Appendix B - Section 508 ICT Testing Baseline Change Log

Note: Minor punctuation, formatting and spelling changes not included.

Version 3.0.1, March 2021

All of the changes made in this version were made to the structure of the Baseline test pages to enable anchor references to a specific part of the tests.

  • Added IDs to Identify Content, Test Instructions, Test Results of all Tests
  • Improved consistency of outline numbers in the Tests
  • Added an Identify Content section to Baseline Test 17.5. No other content changes were made.

Version 3.0, September 2020

Version 3.0 is a major change to the Section 508 ICT Testing Baseline and supporting content. This version contains significant changes to the ICT Testing Baseline to address the Section 508 Refresh and incorporation of the WCAG 2.0 Level A and Level AA Success Criteria. However, the document also includes a number of other changes to improve the organization and flow of the document, Baseline test logic, and readability of test steps. These changes include:

  • General alignment of Test Condition construction with the draft W3C Accessibility Conformance Testing (ACT) Task Force Test Rules Format.
  • Removed references to Failure Conditions and reconstructed as “Checks” in test instructions, with positive pass/fail construction to eliminate double negatives.
  • The revised Baseline test instructions include conditions to “identify content” to test. If those conditions are not met, the test does not apply.
  • Addition of unique Baseline Test IDs for easier reference and traceability. Finally, the test instructions have entirely removed any reference to any testing tools. The revised ICT Testing Baseline is a tool-agnostic set of test instructions that describe what to test and what conditions web content must meet to be considered conformant, without prescribing specific procedures or tools. Federal agencies and other organizations may define their own test procedures, using their preferred test tools while still maintaining alignment with the ICT Testing Baseline.

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The Baseline Alignment for Web is being developed to aid in determining if a test process aligns with the ICT Baseline for Web.